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Hi there! My name is Robert Metz, I'm a web developer and photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.


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So... what to say? I think a short introduction about why and what you will find here in the near future might be good...

Well, I think its time to free my favourite pictures from my local harddrive and let the world participate - thats about why.


About what... owned to the circumstance that next to photography I love to spend my time with traveling around and exploring the world its not too hard to guess that you'll find my favourite photos from my journeys through Europe, South East Asia (SEA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and South Africa in the last years.

Why English?

One word why I made the decision to write in english here...

Due to the matter that I travel to international destinations all over Europe and South East Asia where a lot of different languages are spoken english is the most common one. In respect of this fact and that it is a good opportunity to practice my english, I decided to write in english here even I'm german and this site is hosted under a german domain. Another good reason for this decision was that its easier to share with people I meet on my travels, who sometimes become good friends as well.

So, please excuse my bad english grammer and lets keep focus on the photos - at least a picture is worth a thousand words!

Thanks, and stay tuned!

— Robert Metz